ABOUT US Classical


To produce satisfactory products for customers and to train useful talents for the society.

Sense of worth

Integrity, dedication, improvement and altruism

Outlook on life

Poverty taught me to cherish happiness, growth taught me to repay kindness, responsibility taught me to expand.


Keep good intentions, do good deeds, speak good words, be a good person, realize, learn to be a benevolent teacher, behave in the world, treat people honestly, contribute to society, develop and innovate, and benefit future generations!

Management view

Put forward requirements for the upstream, meet the needs of the downstream, manage capital, risk control property, get more help, give more help, select team, export culture.

Concept of innovation

Do what others don't want to do, do what others can't do, do what others don't do, and do what others can't do well.

Development view

Today's business depends on management, tomorrow's business depends on innovation, the day after tomorrow's business depends on training, and the future business depends on culture.